Ever been on a mystery tour?

I remember going on wonderful adventures when I was a child. Dad’s work kept us moving from country to country, which was adventure enough for most people, but Dad firmly believed in ‘seeing the world’ while we were there too.  So, we would all pile in the family car on weekends and head out to see the latest place he’d read about or heard of. At least, that’s what Dad would tell us our destination was.

Personally I think he just picked a direction and headed off down the road. Invariably he would know a ‘short-cut’, or would see an ‘interesting road’ and ‘wonder where it went’. As soon as that phrase was uttered we knew there was going to be a change in direction and we’d be heading down that interesting short-cut of a road. We would stop as soon as ‘something interesting’ came along and get out to ‘stretch our legs’ and look around. We continued doing this through different countries and finally ended up in Australia. My legs never ended up any longer and the trips never got any shorter, but I must admit, the journey was always interesting.

When I decided to learn animation I looked about for different ways in which to do this. I could undertake formal education for a year, or three. I would gain skills enough to be employed by a studio and be part of a team which produces animated films. This route, though the destination is assured, would have been completed at a price though. I’m not talking of the monetary cost, although that is not inconsequential. The price would have been all of those ‘interesting roads’ that I would have missed along the way; the people I would not have a chance to meet and the places I would never explore.

So, instead I’m planning on ‘seeing the world’ as I go along. Granted, it will take me longer, but hey, animation is not my primary employment. Rather it’s an interest which may become a tool for work, or a game I can enjoy with family and friends. I plan to explore the world of animation. Starting with my own knowledge of ‘flip-books’ I’ll see where the road takes me. I warn you, if you choose to travel with me, the route will not be direct, and I will probably ‘side-track’ along the way. So, if you see any ‘interesting roads’ be sure to point them out. By the time we reach the end of our trip, this blog could be an interesting, even if not direct, learning journey into animation.


About Fionabc

I’m Fionabc, an ordinary person living in a country town in Australia and travelling the world via my computer. I enjoy meeting people on my travels, sharing news and generally enjoying being a member of the ‘global village’ the Internet allows us to be. In my offline life, I spend time with my family and enjoy cross-stitch and crochet, especially when the cats leave the threads alone. When they don’t, I grit my teeth and tell myself “it’s a type of puzzle,” and “I enjoy untangling puzzles.” One day, I might even solve it!
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2 Responses to Ever been on a mystery tour?

  1. jackie-lynn says:

    I envy the places your dad took you. You are a world traveler and your journey is just beginning. Take pictures this time.

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